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Small Animal

Iman Veterinary Clinic is a popular veterinary clinic which located in city center of the capital of Iran with 16 years work experience .

Normally 15.000 pet animals  including dogs ,cats ,hamsters,guinea pigs,Rabbits, and cage birds like all kinds of Parrots ,Canaries,Mina, Love birds,Pigeons, and other pet birds are obtained with our full service in Tehran and other cities annually. 

 Some of practical services we can give your pet are as

1-Diagnostic imaging : Ultrasound , Radiography

2- Current weekly and/or monthly examination for fully check up and treatment.

3- Taking samples ( Blood ,serum ,Feces , tissues ,....) for further examinations .

4- Operation : Soft and hard tissue and orthopedic surgeries 

5- vaccination and rabies antibody titration.

6- Microchip implantation .

7-Issueing health Certificate for traveling abroad.

8-manicur and Pedicure ,clipping and hair cut as well as washing.

9- Pet travel documentation and handling.

10- Park Magazine publication and distribution.

For more information regarding your necessary help and our available services please contact us directly.We would be keen to help you at once.



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