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About Us

Iman Veterinary Clinic has established on year 1998 in the same place in city center of Tehran .

It was founded by Dr.Amir Kheirkhah D.V.M. who has graduated from Karaj Azad university on 1995 and then 3 years later Dr.Pardis Roozbeh D.V.M. who has graduated recently from Shiraz Veterinary College attended in the clinic to widen practical services.

Iman Veterinary Clinic now located in the same place as 18 years ago established and we are proud of fixed address and flexible clinical services we have been providing our pet owner clients during 16 year continiuos clinical  afford.

Now we are working as a team in the clinic , including three doctors together with two veterinary nurses and two staffs as secretary and assistant.

Our colleagues are available 24 hours daily  7 days in week  to solve your pet problems in a friendly atmosphere with intensive care to your pet whenever you need us in an emergency   , Of course it is highly recommended to book an appointment minimum one day in advance in current conditions.

Your attention to our rules and working hours would be highly appreciated in advance  . 





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