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Paradise Turkeys

Paradise Turkeys is a subsidiary division of TORANGE COMPANY and is the unit brand mark for all types of Turkey products of  The Company , including day old poult, whole and cutting Turkey meat.
Our products are superior in quality and we try to find and save the best customers and supply them around the year with the best quality and competitive price.
If you have any question regarding our products or services please contact us.

We grow our Turkeys in our own farm mainly , and feeding them with the best feeding meal which prepared based on our needed orders  ,also we currently  make contract with other selected farmers to support them with the best quality poults and services to grow  Turkey under our supervision for when our customers need us  more product.

We will make contract on all aspects of our production chain and facility to make the best, healthy and superior Turkey meat and proud of power of our society , direct distribution to the buyers and final consumers.

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