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About Us
The year 2002 saw the founding of "Paradise turkeys " a subdivision of the "TORANGE COMPANY ".
We have started this year by distributing 15,000 day old turkeys which hatched in our hatchery located in Shahrekord city in middle west of Iran.
Aferrwards the growing operation continued to expand and gradually by arrangement the processing side and distributing turkey meat which phased out on 2008 we entirely our own and sole production system designed as supereme"  turkey integration " in Iran.
The project consists of setting up a network of 2 rearing sites of ownership company, together with normally more than 10 other contracted independant  farms all over Iran which produce more than 300,000 turkeys around year 2010 and 500,000 on 2011.
These products sold after slaughtering and cutting based on our customers need ,some whole turkey and some as cutting meat and processed.
In view of our company mission ,we are supervising all aspects of the production as putting the best poults in the farms, preparing high quality feed ingredients as pellet feeding meal and also packing and distributing the fresh and frozen turkey meat in all end user facility and grocery.
You are welcome to ask us everything you need and we are intending to supply you with high quality turkey poult or turkey meat as a unique chain in our market or abroad.  
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